Ready for some magic?

Jay Rosenberg is one of Northern New Jersey's Premier Comedy Magicians!  Jay is a modern day wizard, entertaining people of all ages.  His style of magic combines comedy with mystery, and mind reading with mischief.

If you would like to have people tell you that they had more fun at your event than any other, then Jay is the magician for you!  Having a comedy magician at your party is a great way to "break the ice" among your guests.  Jay will get them laughing and talking to each other quickly!  Whether you are hosting a birthday party, Bar Mitzvah, wedding, or any other event imaginable, Jay can offer you a magical experience that will leave your guests breathless with laughter and wonder!

Unique venues and unique occasions call for unique magic!  Jay performs in several different settings:

•   Walk Around Magic:  Jay will roam around the room, performing intimate miracles for small groups of people.  This is also known as close-up magic.  This type of magic happens right before your guests' very eyes, and sometimes in their own hands!

•    Stand Up Comedy Magic Show:  In this type of magic performance, Jay will perform for all of your guests at once, in a 30-60 minute long show.  This show may include some larger props and audience participation too!

•    Fixed Location Performance:  With this option, Jay will set up a table in one location.  As guests mill about the room, Jay will draw a group of people together and perform a 5 to 10 minute mini-show.  This mini-show will be repeated for the duration of the performance each time a new group of guests stops by!

Almost any event can be more fun with a magician!

•                    Birthdays
•                    Weddings
•                    Bar/Bat Mitzvahs
•                    Communions
•                    Anniversary Parties
•                    Cocktail Parties
•                    Conferences
•                    Trade Shows
•                    Grand Openings
•                    Fundraisers
•                    Street Fairs
•                    Outdoor Parties
•                    Graduation Parties

What age groups can Jay perform for?

People of all ages love the Magic of Jay, from 7 to 107!

What will Jay be wearing at my event?

Jay performs in appropriate magical attire suitable for any occasion from casual to black tie.

What are some things Jay will NOT do during a performance?

•   Jay does not use animals of any kind; Live, balloon, or otherwise.
•   Jay does not use fire or open flames.
•   Jay does not use adult language: It’s a family-friendly show after all!